Pinki, Juras street 1 (Riga region)

Price: 247 000 EUR

Address: Pinki, Juras street 1

Total area, m2 178 Room amount 3
Living space, m2 138
Area of the land, m2 735 Floor amount 1


Those who want a more private lifestyle and dream of their own home with a garden and leisure area will find luxurious houses in Saliena with varying floor, bedroom and bathroom configurations. We have carefully considered the plan for every house on offer, so you can enjoy the maximum possible benefit from all rooms.

Using each square metre rationally, we have succeeded in ensuring that there are no wasted areas, which makes these houses particularly valuable. The houses and gardens are also positioned for maximum comfort and privacy, whilst offering tranquil green views and receiving maximum daylight.

Clients can further enhance their homes by choosing additional options to suit their needs. i. e. ‘Energy Efficiency’ package, ‘Comfort’ package and ‘My Garden’ package.