Pinki, Parka street (Riga region)

Price: 153 400 EUR

Address: Pinki, Parka street

Total area, m2 95 Room amount 3
Floor 3
Floor amount 3


Low-rise apartment blocks in Saliena offer a unique opportunity to live in a comfortable and spacious apartment, whilst surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes.

We have planned and designed everything right down to the tiniest details: from the original exterior facades through to the surrounding environment, with wide driveways, manicured lawns, parks and playgrounds. Large panoramic windows, spacious terraces and balconies visually expand the space, creating a sense of intimacy with the green surroundings. The spacious interiors of our contemporary apartments are literally drenched in sunlight, creating a warm and cosy mood.

We offer our clients two, three and four room apartments ranging from 40 to 150 square metres, with functionally considered planning and first-class design. All apartments have an individual heating, conditioning and ventilation system characterised by high energy saving performance.

+Low-rise buildings
+Spacious green areas
+View of private park with pond
+Practical layouts
+Panoramic windows
+Balconies and terraces
+Individual gas heating in every apartment
+Various equipment options: white finish, complete or furnished
+Private parking near the house