Rozenieki, Kekava settlement (Riga region)

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  • 90000 Total area, m2
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The proposed Project in Latvia, in Riga area of Kekava administrative division, close to Kekava itself. The Project in Latvia is submitted for consideration and further realization. The Project consists of the ground area 91 000 sq.m. divided into 51 plots of land (different in sizes 1200-2500 sq.m.) for construction of 50 private houses or 100 twin - houses. Communication: electricity of all parts of land, water drain and local heating, sewage system. There is a pure pine wood and roads.

The land location: 15 km from the centre of Riga and 3 km from settlement Kekava. It’s approx. 1.2 km to the river Daugava (the biggest river in Latvia).

Infrastructure in Kekava


  • In Kekava is a wide choice of food shops and shopping centres : RIMI, MAXIMA,


  • Kekava secondary school
  • Kekava primary school
  • Preschool educational establishment “Ievina”
  • Kekava Music School
  • Kekava School of Arts


  • Fitness club “Eliksirs”
  • Poultry plant’s sports club “Kekava”
  • Kekavas sports club: football, basketball, volleyball, floor-ball, tennis, novus, callisthenics, break dance

Medical services

  • Kekava Ambulance

Recreation facilities

  • Recreation centre “Lici”
  • Recreation facilities “Simani”
  • Recreation facilities “Kantoris 02”
  • choice of cafes in Kekava


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